About Me

Welcome to my blog.

I graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington D.C. and spent 10 years serving in the local church. I quickly learned that  to be a pastor was to be a writer. Turning out a 25 page sermon every week and monthly newsletter article is no small task.

But my passion for writing didn’t start there. I’ve been writing stories, poetry, and even books since I learned to put pencil to paper. When I was 10 years old my grandfather bought me a typewriter. All those note books and poorly typed pages are tucked away in a Box. Since my leaving ministry I have completed 2 manuscripts.  My third novel is a work in progress. My published works include articles in the Maryland Trooper Magazine, The Muse on Writing, and a short story in Aleatory’s Junction.

In my community, I am, usually, in one of the local coffee shops soaking up free the Wi-Fi and writing my book, blog or for one my clients. When I’m not off drinking coffee, I’m in my Maryland home with my husband of twenty-six years, riding my bike or paddling my pink kayak on the Patapsco River. We share our home with a very spoiled Jack Russell Terrier named Boomer, who adopted us 8 years ago. As long as we feed him he lets us live here. I'm sure you'll read more about him as time goes along.

In these virtual pages you’ll find snippets from my writing life ranging from flash fiction to what inspires me to the odd writing tip. There might also be occasional preview of a novel or poem. I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.