Thursday, January 9, 2014

Find a Beauty Routine that Works for You

Recently, Martha Stewart shared her beauty routine with the New York Times. And I have to admit that at 72 years old she is still looking pretty put together.  And some might say it is easy for her because she has all the money in the world to spend on lotions and potions.  Not many of us have
hundreds of dollars to spend on cosmetics and spa services. Right?
With Groupon (my personal secret) professional facial can is now within reach of many women. I've fount their deals to a great way to find facials and other personal care treats. I can't to treat myself often but Groupon has made the occasional splurge possible.
But I was rather surprised as I started to look at the products Martha mentioned that most of them were not super expensive. Oh, there was the odd hundred dollar an ounce facial mask or lotion but many of them were moderately priced. The Mario Badescu line was priced between $8 and $35 dollars. Even that maybe too pricey for some and personally I am not beyond shopping the dollar store or discount store. T.J.Max and Marshalls are another my secrets for finding luxury products at great price.
Even if our beauty product shopping is limited to aisles of Walmart, Target and the grocery store there are still are things we can take away from the article on Martha’s beauty routine.
·       Its okay to mix and match products. Not everything has to be from the same line. If you like a moisturizer from one manufacturer and cleanser from another use them.

·       Avoid sun exposure, wear sunscreen and a hat.  The sun will age you quickly and increase your risk of skin cancer

·       Don’t go to bed with your make up on. Martha uses baby oil to remove her make up but many of those contain mineral. I prefer using coconut oil or olive oil both found in the grocery store. I also like CeraVe and Cetephil  a big bottle is only about $16.  Cleanse your skin before bed to help avoid clogged pores.

·       Don’t go out with putting something on your face. Just a little moisturizer, lip gloss and mascara and it won’t matter who you see or who sees you.
Most importantly Martha teaches us to have a routine that works for us and to follow it. Whether you are spending hundreds on high end products, shopping at the drug store or the dollar store find products that work for you and use them regularly. No product works unless you actually use it. 

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  1. Great tips - thanks for sharing! (and I can't believe Martha Stewart is 72!!).

  2. Great tips! You are right. Martha Stewart looks great so she must be doing something right!

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