Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One Writer's Gift Guide

With Christmas a week away I thought I would make a gift giving list for all the writers in your life.
.First on my list of great gifts for writer is an Oberon Designs journal cover.   Writers are notorious for  always having a note book on their person.  My Moleskine fits snugly in the cover and the leather has become softer with use. Oberon has wonderful things for non-writers, too. Hand tooled tablet, e-reader covers and leather accessories suitable for men and women are available in a variety of colors.
Consider giving your favorite writer a pair of fingerless gloves to keep the hands and wrist warm while leaving the fingers free to type.  Styles range from wooly Bob Cratchit's to lacey elegance. Fingerless gloves are also great for smart phone and tablet users.  These from Three Bird Nest split the difference with lace and warmth.

Most writers have shelves of grammar books and guides but Writer's Market is fresh every year. Pick up the writer on your list of the 2014 Writer's Market. Specialized guides are available for the poet, free lancer, children's writer or what ever kind of writer you have in your life.

The ultimate Writer's gadget on my list is the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. The Surface has one of the most comfortable keyboards I've ever used. I love the touch screen. Best of all it runs MS Word like a desktop.

Of course nothing goes together like writers and coffee (except maybe peanut butter and jelly) making a coffee shop gift card a perfect gift for a writer. One BIG name in coffee shops has gift cards readily available but I like to support small local businesses whenever I can. Of course, writers need something cool to carry their gift cards, and a pen. I recommend Robin Pedrero's artsy dollar pouches from her Etsy shop.. They are just small enough to stash in your tote bag.

Finally, in my opinion, every writer needs a talisman, some physical artifact that reminds them to keep writing. My personal favorite is this magnetic locket by Polarity. The locket comes with three interchangeable lid to suit your mood. My choice is the reminder to "write what interests you." Good advice. Inside is just enough space to tuck a few writing prompts if they get stuck.

That's my short list. Have a wonderful Holiday.  I'll be back after the big day. 



  1. Oh, I like your writing talisman. I want one of those... or rather my own version of one of those! :-)

    Happy New Years and yay for your participation in the Ultimate Blog Challenge! Just popping in from over there....

  2. Thank you so very much for featuring my pouch!